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This workshop is meant to give you a creative boost to your presence, expression and thought process. Flow state allows for quicker learning, a heightened state of awareness and deeper seated change. 
It will revitalise you and give you a sense of your unique powers of expression without all the overthinking that tends to plague our daily-life. We will explore positive sources of energy that give you confidence and all the space you need. 
We will identify what happens when you enter flow state so that you can learn to get to this state again and again after the workshop is over. 
The workshop follows a series of imagination exercises, games and other creative activities that will allow for your mind, voice and body to work together in unison. 
The Power of Flow is a time for fun, growth and pushing the limits to where you understand yourself to be. 
Maximum 13 Participants
28. - 29.09.2019 (Sat & Sun)
10:00-16:00 (One Hour Lunch)
Biodanza Studio
Altstadt, Munich
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