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Adrian is a mentor any actor can be happy to have - his insight into character work, his guidance through challenging scripts and his craft in communicating it, propelled my acting forward and prepared me for the Hollywood industry!

Verena Puhm (imdb), Los Angeles

Adrian is as good a coach as he is an actor. It only took two sessions with him to land my first guest role in a Dutch TV-Series. It proves what a great tutor he really is.

Max Willems (imdb), Munich

Adrian is the guy to go to if you want to prepare for a role or an audition. He asks the right questions and has a priceless understanding of how to analyse any scene or script. With the eye of a director, he will help you bring your performance to life.

Michael N. Kuehl (imdb), Munich

Adrian is one of the few acting teachers you can fully trust. He has an amazing amount of love, patience and empathy for his students. He gave me a deeper understanding of myself as an actress and my craft. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with him.


Clarissa Hoffmann, Los Angeles

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