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This workshop is designed for anybody who wants to maximise the effect that they have on an audience. You are an actor, artists, team leader or someone who simply wants to understand what it means to leave their mark and how to do it again and again.  
We will know what it means to take charge of the room and know exactly where we want to take our audience. We will understand how they listen and what makes them forget everything else except for the story that you are telling them. 
The variety, the speed and the rhythm of your voice are extremely important elements of 'being heard', but we will go beyond this point to also master what we want our audience to feel. 
After all, the audience always wants a story to be memorable. And for them to remember it best, they must trust the storyteller in order to allow their feeling to come to life. 
Maximum 13 Participants
5. - 6.10.2019 (Sat & Sun)
10:00-16:00 (One Hour Lunch)
Biodanza Studio
Altstadt, Munich
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